Tuyen Tran aka Tuyen Aarestad

Born in the Bay Area California, Tuyen discovered her passion for makeup at a very early age. As an adolescent, Tuyen was so curious to experiment with colorful lipstick and nail polish that her mother ran out of hiding spots to conceal her cosmetics. It didn't take long for Tuyen to recognize that she had a gift. Gaining experience in her teenage years working behind a cosmetics counter, she soon refined her craft by enhancing the beauty of customers with varying bone structure and skin tones, before pursuing makeup artistry as a profession.

Now residing in San Diego, Tuyen’s work can be seen in film, television, print and on the runway. She has also secured a reputation as one of San Diego’s premiere wedding makeup artists. Whether beauty or avant garde, Tuyen views makeup as an outlet for personal expression. In the pursuit to perfect her craft, Tuyen isn't afraid to explore new ideas and utilize new techniques.

You will discover while working with Tuyen, that her versatility, professionalism and love for her craft are apparent, making every experience personal and fun!